This mamma got her family up,fed and dressed to meet me at 8am this morning! She is my hero!! When I asked her who will be the first to have a meltdown....Dad chimed in "ME!" LOL!! Aint it the truth!!! PS...Dad did just fine, as did all four of them!!

...and so I say...."just let him run around". His mommy said..."Ummmm (stupid lady),he cant even stand on his own yet, he's 11 months". She didnt really say it like that, but I can read the mind. I can. BUT....look at this! He stood for about 10 seconds, and he seemed VERY pleased! BooYa! We will be doing his cake smash next month! I fully expect some running. J/K. :-)

Whoooop! Two houses today. Tomorrow a little tow headed boy, and Wednesday a one year old and her family of 4!! EARLY sessions though...because of the heat. Sugar melts...dont ya know.:-) LOL!! : Come to think of it...all three of these children are "tow-headed". TOW-HEADED. Light-colored rope is called “tow” and someone with very blond hair is called a “tow-head.” Tow-headed children are cute, but a toe-headed one would be seriously deformed.

I hope everyone is having a great summer!! I don't do a lot of people sessions in the heat of the summer, so I'm so grateful for my Realtor friends who keep me busy! Here are a some of the houses I've done recently! You realtors out there.....give me a call if you need help with your listings!

Yep. This happened today! Cant wait to share some sailor dress shots with you...but for now, these bathing beauty shots will just have to do. As usual, Ms. R did not disappoint!

THIS couple has my undivided editing attention this week! We are remodeling, and Im running a bit behind on my editing because Im not a fan of sitting in a sweltering hot house (like last week). The workers are keeping the air ON this week....God Love Them! But enough about ME. ;-O Kelli and Omar are getting married in October!!! They are the sweetest AND cutest! Kelli and I go Waaaaay back, and I am THRILLED she called me to do their engagements (and wedding...but I dont do weddings so Im not talking about the fact that she strong armed me into it) ;-) <3

It's a "picture" perfect morning (get it?) to photograph a large family! So happy we have clear skies! Wish me luck with the FOUR little ones! ;- 0

Today I get to photograph (because saying your going to "shoot" a newborn is rude) this little dude who is 7 days young today! I went over the other day to discuss his wardrobe choices with him. Typical boy...he was bored with talk of clothes. Here is a free tip!! Shoot up high if you want to look skinny! :-) See how slender Carter and I look? :-) #nodoublechin #notriplechin

Tori found me here on FB to take her grad pics, and Im so glad she did. She is a sweetheart! She will be graduating in June with a BS in Health Studies. She wants to be an upper elementary school teacher - probably here in Tyler, so you school admins... grab her!!

Those of you in Texas & Oklahoma, I'm happy to announce my new studio is ready to board! I will be booking mini sessions soon, as clearly, that's all we have time for.

Tori's graduation cap pretty much sums it up for all graduates!! This young lady is graduating UT Tyler in June, and will be an elementary school teacher! If you are a TISD admin....HIRE HER!! She is Fab! I will be working on her images this week! Stay Tuned! :-)

Once again, Im playing cat and mouse with our weather...but I think my afternoon UT Graduate and I will forge ahead! Wish us luck! :-)

......and I'm off to do my last photo shoot for the next two weeks. Gotta get my "Mother Of The Bride" on. :-) Here I come Bass Fam of 6!!

I.Am.A.Professional. I always know whats going on. :-o I.Thought. So I pull up to The Rose Garden to photograph this sweet bundle of sugar goodness. There are a MOB of people for an event...A MOB. This really cute police lady stops me and informs me I cannot drive any further down the road (leading to the Rose Garden parking lot). I said, "I am a photographer, and I have a photoshoot in 10 minutes" I kid you not...she says "Um...about that".. LOL!!! So, because Im calm, cool and collected, I talk to Mommy on the phone and we opt for Goodman Museum. Cool. So on our way...I come to our downtown square. The square is blocked off for an event! WHAT??? Just go biggie. All this by 9am. All to capture a 2 year old and just ONE SMILE!! Please? I'd say it was worth it. :-) ....and tonight??? The All Saints Episcopal School - Tyler prom!!! Im gonna need a nap.

Just finished with this amazing family! The lighting, the colors, the BEAUTY, and the overall spirit of this family made this one of my favorite shoots ever! There was actually another side of the family there too! The main goal was to get a family portrait of both sides for Mother's Day/Father's Day gifts! I think we succeeded!

Today was a good day for a little Sister Love. <3 I've watched these girls grow up, and now there is a sweet baby to watch grow up too! This is a very Special family!

Celia Ridley Photography

Clients of babies....please be aware that my policies have changed. I will now be snuggling with your baby at some point during our session as part of my fee. Thank you for understanding. #amisqueezingtootight? #forcedlove :-) <3

Kaitlin Workman Seth Workman

Clients of babies....please be aware that my policies have changed. I will now be snuggling with your baby at some point during our session as part of my fee. Thank you for understanding. #amisqueezingtootight? #forcedlove :-) <3

Are girls just BORN with the gene to point that finger at the men? These two are cousins....and they <3 each other...despite the finger pointing! What a great way to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon! :-)

A busy Saturday in store for this gal! Baby shower AM, combined family session PM...and finishing up this handsome guy from Whitehouse HS! Oh....and working on grad announcements. Lordy! Feel free to carry on with your day...dont worry about me! ;-) Occasions by The Christmas Store

Just a teaser for my good friend Lin...if you'll be patient just a bit longer...I will have some goooood stuff for you! #seniorscomefirstinapril :-D

Justaworkin away on this handsome guy, and designing grad cards! If you'd had a senior session with me...lets get those cards going! :-) (you know who you are!)

Phew!! What a week!! 5 seniors and one family...DONE. Check please! :-) Look for lots of sneak peeks next week....but for now...this girl is going to relax. Oh...nope. I still have a session to shoot this afternoon! LOL!! Maybe tomorrow.... Oh... nope! Church, lunch at my casa for the fam....and if the weather cooperates, a personal family session. Pish Pash! Relaxing is overrated! I hope everyone has a glorious Easter!

Yesterday....was a total blast! My friend Lin asked me months ago to drive out of town to take her family photos for her Birthday present from her family This is something she's wanted forever!! The day finally came, and it all went off without a hitch! I even drug my niece with me to help out. BUT....the super awesome part is that Lin's sister is a "NY Times Bestselling Author" - and its HER books that started me to read again after 20 years!!! She signed copies of her latest SMASH Hit for me and my niece. I,of course, have already read it....and I totally get the OMG reference. ;-) Seriously people...check out her books!!! . Its funny how we meet these people who come into our lives - I met Lin through my trainer, Melanie at East Texas Adventure Bootcamp., who first told me about Colleen Hoover books. I was like, "Yeah, I dont read". ;-O Well, I do now! PS. I got paid very well for this session.... #confession I would have done it for free! Shhhhhh!!! :-)

Thank you Lord for another beautiful day to "shoot" a senior! :-0 Today with have the lovely Samantha (AKA Sami)- Gorman HS. Watch out girly...Im comin' for ya!

I would say somebody is ready for The Easter Bunny! Oh my word.....This was my day today. Cant wait to share more, but for now....this one and only will have to do! :-)